Top 5 Best Cork Yoga Mats for Beginners

If you’re a fan of holistic health, you know that yoga can be a relaxing and refreshing experience.

However, some yoga mats are made from unsustainable materials, making it difficult to reduce the negative impact on our environment.

Luckily, you can choose the best cork yoga mat and enjoy a better time practicing yoga without harming the environment.

This post covers the best cork yoga mats on the market and the information you need to make the ideal decision.

So let’s start with no. 1

1. GURUS Cork Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Unlike standard yoga mats, the GURUS cork yoga mat comes with a superior grip to ensure you have a stable surface to practice yoga.

You will be surprised to know that the grip of this cork mat will increase when wet.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about moisture damage when using this cork mat as it naturally resists moisture absorption.

Since this mat is made from natural rubber derived from trees, you can rest assured that it is eco-friendly.

You will not feel irritation or discomfort when using this mat as the natural surface is soft to the touch.

This makes this mat a better option than PVC mats, which can be heavy and toxic.

As one of the best cork yoga mats on the market, this one can blend seamlessly into your indoor environment thanks to its serene and natural color.

Plus, this durable yoga mat will serve you for years thanks to its durable construction and high-quality material.


  • Does not absorb moisture
  • will not slide
  • Thick and comfortable
  • Light and easy to travel
  • It looks elegant
  • Durable


  • The cork surface can be slippery
  • Mainly ideal for hot yoga

2. Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat

Next, we’ll review the Yoloha Original Air Cork Mat, the first cork yoga mat on the market.

Since its release, it has received several improvements to ensure it is among the best cork mats you can find.

It’s made from durable non-slip cork, mixed with eco-friendly foam to make it a cozy, non-toxic option.

If you’re looking for a lightweight yoga mat that you can comfortably carry to the gym, this is it.

It is designed for non-slip performance whether you use it on dry or wet surfaces to ensure you can enjoy stability during your yoga sessions.

You don’t need to bring a towel to practice hot yoga, as this mat is ideal for all types of yoga practices.

Since it has more grip when wet, you will want to sprinkle a few drops of water on the areas where you will place your hands and feet to ensure maximum traction.

The foam backing is designed to resist moisture absorption and keep you odor and odor-free.

Additionally, it is quite easy to maintain this mat as it dries within minutes, ensuring that you can clean it quickly.


  • Ecological option
  • Long-lasting
  • Great traction
  • Ideal for any yoga practice.
  • Easy to clean


  • Few customer opinions

3. Yoga Design Lab Cork Yoga Mat

The Yoga Design Lab cork mat is considered by some to be the best cork yoga mat available for several reasons.

It is made from natural rubber, which makes it biodegradable and therefore safe for the environment.

That’s why it’s an excellent choice for environmental enthusiasts looking to use eco-friendly yoga mats.

This natural cork yoga mat offers exceptional performance for fitness fanatics thanks to high-density cushioning that provides a plush surface to place your hands and feet on.

It also has a symmetrical shape to ensure that you can achieve proper body alignment while exercising.

The non-slip grip improves with humidity, making this mat a great choice for hot yoga sessions.

You will be able to keep this rug clean without difficulty since it only needs a little soap and water for maintenance.

You can lay it flat or hang it and it will dry in minutes, so you won’t have to wait long before practicing yoga.


  • Safe for the environment
  • Excellent grip
  • Low maintenance
  • rubber backing
  • Easy to carry with the included strap


  • It comes with a rubbery smell when new

4. Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat

Whether you are just starting to explore yoga or are an expert, the Gaiam Cork yoga mat is a perfect choice.

Like some of the best cork yoga mats, it is made of organic cork on top and TPE rubber on the bottom.

Being made with sustainable materials, you can use it without fear of damaging the environment.

Unlike standard yoga mats, this one does not absorb moisture, meaning it can remain odor-free with proper maintenance.

It’s perfect for all types of yoga but is specifically designed to add grip to your hot yoga session.

Plus, because it absorbs moisture better, you don’t have to worry about sweating while you exercise.

The main disadvantage of this cork mat is that it is rigid, making it difficult to lay flat or roll upside down without wrinkling.

It’s also smaller than other mats, making it awkward to use if you want a wide yoga mat.


  • Light
  • Great for hot yoga
  • Made from natural materials
  • Elegant appearance


  • feels thin
  • Wrinkles when rolled

5. Masdery Cork Yoga Mat

If you want a sustainable yoga mat that is free of harmful chemicals, you can also opt for the Masdery Cork yoga mat.

It comes with a cork layer on top and a rubber layer on the bottom, ensuring it is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

We could call it the best cork yoga mat for its superior performance, making it perfect for your workout session.

While other cork yoga mats are standard sizes, this one is extra large to ensure you have all the space you need to stretch and exercise.

It is also thick enough to absorb shock while providing the support you need for different yoga positions.

You won’t need your yoga towel when using this cork and rubber yoga mat as it absorbs moisture to provide a better grip.

You can trust this mat to provide durability thanks to the natural cork material it is made from.

You will also receive a carrying strap included in the package to make it easier to carry the mat with you while you head to your sessions.


  • Carrying strap included
  • Anti-slip performance
  • extra large size
  • Comfortable and resistant


  • It has an unpleasant cork smell when new

What are the benefits of cork yoga mats?

There are several reasons why cork yoga mats are better than regular yoga mats.

Let’s analyze them below;

1. Eco-Friendly

The most common reason people opt for cork yoga mats is that they are sustainable.

Since it goes well with the yoga philosophy of living a conscious lifestyle, most people prefer to ensure that they do not harm the environment.

The cork material is natural because it is derived from the cork oak.

It is not necessary to cut down the tree to extract the cork, as it is found in the bark of the tree.

As a result, you can remove the bark from the tree and let a new one grow.

Using natural materials helps keep the planet clean and safe, a priority for most yoga practitioners.

2. Better Slip Resistance

Compared to standard yoga mats, the best cork yoga mat will offer superior grip and slip resistance.

This is essential in yoga because you will have to perform different postures that could make you feel unstable.

Fortunately, cork yoga mats offer better traction, especially during hot yoga, because moisture improves their grip.

So even when you sweat, you won’t have to wipe the sweat off as it helps provide a better grip for your exercises and stretches.

3. Bacteria Proof

Another reason to opt for cork yoga mats is hygiene.

Unfortunately, sweat dripping onto the cork mat during practice can make it an unhealthy surface.

If you don’t clean your mat, you will probably notice a bad odor developing due to bacteria.

According to studies, cork has natural antibacterial properties that keep it free of pathogens.

As a result, the mat will not develop odors when made from cork.

Additionally, it is easier to clean a cork rug since it does not require chemical cleaners.

4. Non-Toxic

Another thing that makes cork yoga mats better than standard mats is that they are chemical-free.

Since cork is natural, it does not contain harmful chemicals, unlike PVC mats.

When you touch the cork mat, you will feel like you are touching the smooth floor.

At the same time, this ensures safe contact with the skin.

So even if you have sensitive skin, you can be sure that cork mats will not cause any adverse reactions.

5. Durable

Cork mats are also durable and will hold up well to wear and tear over numerous practice sessions.

You won’t be going back to the store anytime soon after purchasing the best cork yoga mat.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Cork Yoga Mats?

If you’re wondering how to choose cork yoga mats, here’s a detailed guide on what you should consider before purchasing one.

1. Cushion Thickness

When reviewing the best yoga mats, you’ll want to consider the ideal thickness.

Since you will have a lot of contact with the mat, you don’t want one that is thin because it could cause pain in your joints, knees, spine, and back.

You should choose a mat that is well-cushioned to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the yoga session.

The mat must be of moderate thickness because if it is too thick the surface will not be level enough for balance.

2. Traction

Another thing to keep in mind is proper traction and grip.

You should not select a slippery mat as your hands and feet will easily slide out of place, making it impossible to perform your movements well.

That’s why you should only choose rugs that can adhere to the surface without compromise.

Cork mats can be slippery when dry, so one of the ways to improve traction is to spray some water from a spray bottle on the mat before starting your session.

This will improve traction and you will perform your movements with more stability.

3. Size

Your mat should be wide and long enough so that you can perform supine and standing poses without running out of space on the mat.

The standard size measures 68 by 24 inches, which is enough for most people under 5’8 feet.

If you want to avoid touching the floor, you should choose something over 30 inches wide to ensure you have the space you need.

Unfortunately, larger rugs are a hassle to transport and travel with, as they are bulkier and heavier even when rolled.

4. Maintenance

The last thing you should keep in mind is the ease of cleaning your mat.

As we mentioned above, it is considerably easier to clean cork yoga mats as they have antibacterial properties that prevent the development of odors.

However, you will want to look for a mat that is easy to clean to ensure that you can spend your time doing more productive things.

You should opt for mats that you can clean with a damp cloth.

If washing is necessary, you should need nothing more than water and natural soap to clean your mat.

You can also check the time it takes for the mat to dry completely after washing.

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