5 Rules Every New Runner Should Follow To Keep The Passion Alive

New runners are often excited to start their new journey.

They buy a pair of shoes, sign up for a 5k, and go with the flow as they learn the basics of running.

It can be tough to keep up your motivation as you race from one finish line to the next with nothing but your own power.

You might find it hard to stay motivated or find time for training when there always seems to be an excuse not to run.

That’s why we’ve compiled 5 rules every new runner should follow in order to keep that passion alive.

 1. You’re allowed to take walk breaks

Don’t ever feel ashamed if you need to take walk breaks.

Every runner does it and they don’t judge you.

They’re often unexpected challenges you encounter during your first few runs.

You could even discover that you need to take a walk break at a certain point because you’re not fully warmed up yet, you’re tired, or you’re fighting off the overwhelming urge to throw up.

While it’s important to stick to your goal and keep the pace up, you can’t always be running full throttle.

When you do take walk breaks, just don’t break your pace and run as fast as you can.

This could end up causing you to cramp.

Run your own race, don’t let others make your decisions for you.

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2. You’re not always going to feel like running, and that’s OK

As a new runner, you might not feel like putting on your running shoes or going out for a run, especially when you are also experiencing tiredness, illness, or injury.

Don’t be hard on yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like running, as long as you are making a conscious decision to do it.

You have to make it a habit if you want to get into good shape, and the more you run, the easier it is to keep it up.

If you feel like taking a break, just take it.

Take some time to relax and you will get into your routine again.

You can’t go crazy with your workouts.

If you want to get into running in order to lose weight, just get yourself a new pair of running shoes and go for a run.

3. Don’t give up just because you missed one run

When you miss one run, don’t beat yourself up.

Take a couple of days off and regroup.

Your body will thank you and the mental edge you get from this training will help you make up for your missed run.

If you keep missing runs, you will probably be tempted to quit training.

Your heart will feel like it’s been ripped out of your chest, but do not give up.

Staying consistent will help you get to where you want to be.

Set aside time to listen to your body and give yourself breaks:

Everyone knows to listen to their body.

They understand that exercise shouldn’t be something that becomes a chore.

But when it comes to running, too many runners ignore their bodies.

They try to push their limits too much or become overly tired.

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4. You don’t have to run fast all the time

Speed is a big part of running, and of course, new runners are often motivated by achieving new personal records.

However, if you are just starting out and still have a hard time finding the time for training, then you probably won’t be able to match the speed of your training partners.

Rather than trying to chase your fitness goals, focus on setting a new weekly PR.

Not only is this a great motivation, but setting weekly and yearly goals can provide a great challenge for yourself.

Find a routine that works for you:

Whatever your fitness goals are, sticking to the same routine for a few months or even a few years, might be the best option.

Your body will get used to your training program, so you will be able to build on previous progress.

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5. Don’t compare yourself with others

Once you’re running consistently, it’s inevitable that people around you are going to start asking why you run, what it means to you, and how much you’re running each week.

This’s normal and a part of running.

If you’re starting to compare your progress to others, it could trigger feelings of jealousy and low self-esteem.

You can usually overcome this by remembering that everyone else’s experience of running is different.

The goal of running is to inspire and motivate yourself to become the best version of yourself.

So, you should never compare yourself to others;

It’s the first step to self-destruction.


Running is an incredible form of exercise that can increase your overall cardiovascular and strength levels, decrease your risk of heart disease and help to improve your overall quality of life.

But, what happens when the time comes for a post-run hangover or post-race exhaustion?

Whether you’re a beginner looking to train for your first 5k or a seasoned marathoner who has no plans of slowing down, the post-run recovery process has long been the most neglected aspect of a runner’s experience.

Without properly training the body and mind for recovery, you’re robbing yourself of the ability to continue on.

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